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Trade logistics are the backbone of the international trade sector. It greatly influences the economy, its performance and growth, and includes freight operations, warehousing, customs clearance and payment systems, as well as many other operations which serve the service of exporters and importers in everything about commercial supply chains. Trade logistics are of great importance in economic growth, the competitiveness of the economy and its ability to diversify and achieve sustainability. It has a significant impact, directly and indirectly, on job creation and the reduction of poverty and unemployment rates; because the logistics services sector is responsible for more than 85% of total international trade

Industrial zones are one of the components of the industrial sector on which economic activity depends heavily. Their activity is closely linked to transport infrastructure, in particular to logistics services which generate a significant percentage of the costs borne by manufacturers at the various stages of production up to that of export. This affects the competitiveness of industrial products and their ability to access international markets.

The tendency to take an interest in the creation of sustainable industrial zones poses the problem of industrial domiciliation and the need for integrated services, infrastructures, support and incentives. Talking about industrial domiciliation implies choosing strategic locations linked to ports and other logistics areas, and the resulting facilities in the field of raw material supply, as well as the distribution and export of finished products. Therefore, taking an interest in logistics services and their development represents an important action in the service of industrial zones in developing countries which suffer from a blatant lack of transport and logistics services.

The Trade logistics Conference

From there, the problem of the conference is formulated as follows: “What are the mechanisms and procedures that could guarantee the activation of the main role of trade logistics in supporting industrial zones and improving the competitiveness and sustainability of developing economies?”


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