Logistics and their contribution to the world economy

Topics 1
  • Trade logistics and sustainable development;
  • The role of trade logistics in the development of international trade;
  • Obstacles to the development of trade logistics and the mechanisms for their development;
  • Logistics industry in Africa: Challenges and opportunities;

Trade logistics in the light of the digital revolution

Topics 2
  • The logistics of e-commerce and its requirements;
  • Presentation of pilot projects of the application of digitalization in trade logistics;
  • The challenges of the application of digitalization in trade logistics;

Industrial Zones and Trade Logistics Services

Topics 3
  • The role of industrial zones in the creation of a sustainable competitive economy;
  • The reality of logistics activities and the supply chain serving industrial zones;
  • The management of supply chain costs and the competitiveness of products manufactured in industrial zones;

Ports and the Supply Chain

Topics 4
  • The place of ports in the logistics chain of international freight transport and optimal operating methods;
  • The multimodal transport industry and its role in supporting ports;
  • Dry docks and their role in the logistics chain;
  • Logistics activities and the acquisition of competitive advantages;
  • Modern foundations and models of the functioning of ports in the light of the requirements of sustainable development

Trade Logistics in Algeria and Their Correlation with Industrial Zones

Topics 5
  • The reality of trade logistics in Algeria and the obstacles they face;
  • The performance of industrial zones in Algeria;
  • The role of ports in activating the performance of industrial zones in Algeria;
  • The contribution of trade logistics in supporting the competitiveness of Algerian industrial products: Some models exposed

Presentation of Pioneering Experiences in the Development of Trade Logistics in the Service of Industrial Zones in the Light of the Requirements of Sustainable Development

Topics 6
  • Experiences from developed countries;
  • Experiences from developing countries.


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